A guide to beat the mod challenges

by UrbanBlaster

Posted on August 1, 2017 at 6:33 PM

With the slow trickle of new content appearing in this game you have to keep yourself occupied or this game will get stale. That is how I set the goal of getting through all the mod challenges, being free to play I didn't have all the required units for all the synergies so I had to be strategic in how to get through the battles without spreading my resources too thin and negatively affecting the growth of my squad arena team.

Mods are a must to progress your teams in the game Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes, and being able to farm all verities of mods is essential to enhance your characters in the areas that will make that specific character even better.

Each faction that is required to get through the given mod challenge has atleast 2 top characters that are a must to have max leveled to eiter benefit your raid teams or squad arena team. These top toons will also benefit getting through the mod challenges. There rest of the faction characters are your supporting crew and just need the bare minimums of leveling up to survive and get you a three star victory.

For most of the mod challenges to get through the tier 3 challenge you will need 2 high leveled characters at level 85 and gear 10 your supporting crew will need to be at minimum level 75 at gear 8.

all characters should also have mods, of course the better the mods the better the result. You can always un-mod unused characters after you have 3 stared each tier.

Watch the following video to see how I beat the Critical Damage Mod challenges with my low level team of jawas.