Gar Saxon and CLS Daynamic Duo

by UrbanBlaster

Posted on September 15, 2017 at 2:09 PM

Since Gar Saxon dropped in this game he has found a spot in my all time favorite characters list. Is it the fact that he has great hair or that he wears his Power Ranger pajama's into battle?

Commander Luke Skywalker has changed the arena meta, CLS is such a great character some might say too great of a character. He Has great synergies with his rebel buddies. He is the ulitimate rebel leader bringing +50% counter chance whick can be devistating to your opponents.

Gar Saxon brings similiar leadership qualities to the Empire synergy with a 50% counter chance for empire allies. But that is not what makes him great aloing side CLS lead, what makes him great with CLS is the fact that Gar Saxon will assist on all counters that occur thanks to his unique ability.

Gar has the unique ability "Viceroy's Vengeance" which states "Whenever another ally attacks during an enemy turn, Gar Saxon has a 100% chance to Assist.".

With this unique Gar can bring the pain especially when your opponent does an AOE, for example if all 4 other rebels counter after being hit with the AOE Gar is going to get 4 additions turns. This also works with retrobution, so your you have General Kenobi and he gives everyone retrobution Gar will get 5 hits on an AOE attack if whole team is able to get the retrobution attack.

Of couse there are cons to all pro's, Gar is a tank so in this case we are trying to use him as an attacker. His basic ability doesn't hit hard but all those hits add up and fast. He also has his own AOE which against a CLS lead opponent is not recommended to use, someone tell that to the AI so he isn't the best option for defense.

Check out the video below to see the CLS and Gar Saxon dynamic duo in action...